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Bethany 101


Bethany 101, Puttalama, Sri Lanka

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Bethany 101 was our family home for many generations, a storehouse for our most treasured whims, fancies and memories. Today we are pleased to share it with you, confident that it will bring you the same joy and enchantment it has provided us with over the years.

The house itself dates back nearly two centuries, right to the dawn of the British Colonial Era and is located right on the shores of the magnificent Puttalam lagoon and just steps away from the town.

Bethany 101 has been completely restored to its original splendor, where every detail has been meticulously renewed to the highest standard. From the immaculate collection of antique furniture to the elegant bathroom fittings, we are happy to say that Bethany 101 is more resplendent today than it has ever been throughout its long history.

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